About Us

Cannabis Magic has joined Dixie Elixirs to create Dixie Botanicals!!!

You can now find the same powerful, effective salves and massage oils at your local MMC – now sold as Dixie! 

Visit www.dixieelixirs.com to find out more about our incredible topical products!

Magically Strong Infusions

Botanical medicine making is an ancient art form that melds medicinal knowledge with alchemical magic to produce rejuvenating results. Cannabis Magic is committed to creating the finest herbal products available. Our knowledge of botanical medicines coupled with our knowledge and experience in the arts of extraction and infusion create products you are sure to love!

Cannabis Magic specializes in cannabis infusions such as: tinctures, salves, massage oils and lotions. All of our products use the finest All Natural Ingredients and are produced by skilled medicine makers. This ensures that all Cannabis Magic Products are a wise and effective investment for cannabis patients.